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Who said gambling was bad for you


I do not know who said gambling was bad for you and I suppose for a few people it can be, the same way that drinking too much or smoking can also be described as bad for you. Anything taken to excess can be described as bad for you and if I thought that I or my family were suffering from me taking part at my favourite pastimes at the online casino or placing bets at the online betting exchange I would have to reconsider.

Like hundreds of millions of others, I gamble, we all gamble in some form or another, they say life is a gamble and I cannot disagree. The lottery is a gamble but who has not bought a ticket? What about buying a raffle ticket or playing on the tombola at the school fete, it is all a form of gambling and this form of gambling often raises millions of dollars in money for causes that it would be difficult raise in other ways.

I find that online gaming sites operate a sensible policy and they normally restrict the amounts that can be deposited, almost always when first registering at the sites. No I do not think that gambling is bad for you, I get immense pleasure from playing online poker and I know that my Gran just loves to go down to the bingo hall and to have a nights entertainment with her friends. The way that we play bingo is changing in this modern world and I like to take part in the fantastic online bingo games that are on the website at all times which means that I can play when it suits me.

I still do not know who said that gambling is bad for you, and I am sure that you are like me and enjoy the online casinos and take the pleasure that they are offering to us.

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