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My tips to win at the poker table and compete with the big guys


I play poker for money and I win, to do so I have to compete with the big guys, whether this at a casino or at one of my favourite online poker rooms. If like me you want to win big at poker, and I’m sure that you do, allow me to pass on to you some of the tips that let me compete with the big boys.

The first thing that I found out when developing my poker skills is that psychology plays a major part and I soon learned that this factor separated the average player from the great ones. When I started to win big I had a better psychology than my opponents, and I did not always had to have the best hand to win, I just made people think that I had the best poker hand.

I suggest to you that you must want to win big, in other words have the desire and like I did, put in hours of hard work to get in with the big boys. Of course I first learned the basic strategies and then I spent hours reading books written by some of the known great poker players. I consider that I still am learning and I try to read a poker book every month.

I always study my opponents, I can pick up the way they play and I try to spot potential weaknesses so that I can exploit them. Remember I do not always have the best hand. I win big pots at online poker rooms and that takes courage, so I do take risks, I am not rash but when the circumstances are right I will take the plunge, if you are to win big like me, you must also have courage.

One virtue that I do posses is patience and to become a top online poker player, you too must also display this as well. I find it hard to keep folding but sometimes this is what it takes, if you have no chance of winning or bluffing through, I do not see the point in playing on, I wait. Another factor in my ongoing success is 100% commitment every time I enter an online poker school I never drink alcohol or take any form of drug whilst taking part in the poker game, I am a committed poker pro so why would I want to impair my judgment, when I don’t feel right, or under the weather I do not play, it’s that simple.

I hope that the simple tips that I have given will enable you to become a better online poker player, even if you do not want to follow me as a poker pro. I have found that it takes a lot of experience to become a great poker player and I continue to practice and to read up as much as I can about the poker game. I suggest that you take it slowly, register with a good online casino and try not to “rush your fences” Like me you will find that there are big winnings to be made but the competition is stiff, you might come up against me!

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